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I continue to grow and develop my passion for drawing and painting, while building a portfolio in animation, illustration, video and motion graphics.

Monday, May 31, 2010

We meet!
I walked into McGee Hall (academy housing) just after 2:00pm and immediately saw Brent and John. I was sweating like crazy from the bike ride over, and needed a good ten minute cool down.
We sat around for awhile as people arrived and registered for housing. Everyone was cool about introducing themselves and exchanging pleasantries. We hung in the dorm commons for a little over an hour before the group started breaking up. Some went on grocery runs. Others set up there rooms. I took off home to get a snack and a shower.
Trey and Jane were kind enough to swing by and grab me on their way to the West Bottoms and the KC pod. I was eager to see the place. I anticipate this to be our real home over the next few weeks.
The pod is awesome. Built in the 1870's it is a unique building. Niko pointed out how when you look at the outside of the building from the SE corner it resembles a movie set. Inside we all have our own work spaces yet still work in the same room together.
We enjoyed some pizza while getting better acquainted, John and Brent gave a great spiel and we all hung out at the pod for a bit longer before the group once again broke and headed into the night to get ready for Day 1.
Can't Wait!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today is the first day of the rest of my life as an artist as I prepare to embark on a four week journey known as The Illustration Academy. This is an intensive workshop where I will have the honor and privilege of learning the process and technique of some of today's greatest artists. My goal is to journal this experience through this blog in order to give some insight on what I am learning and to show my work. Please check throughout the month of June as I will be posting daily.